Christmas Tree Forest Quilt

This was the first time I’ve been asked to a custom quilt for Christmas before.  And only my second time making a Christmas quilt. Here was the one I made last year.

Anyway, you will note my lack of Christmas-y fabrics.

I honesty don’t like to have themed fabrics in my stash.  It’s because they sit there and staring at me and I seldom have any reason to use them.

Like the football fabric sitting in my stash or the halloween fabric or the pink ribbon fabric or the camo.  You see?  They bother me.  It’s ridiculous, but that’s how I feel.

So I was asked to use some of these fabrics.

These are not like regular Christmas fabrics.  They are GORGEOUS!  So I didn’t mind buying them so much for this quilt.

Here are my blocks and my toes.

I followed Amy Smart’s pattern at Diary of a quilter.  It is a GREAT pattern.  Well written and easy to follow.

and look at my forest!  I’m crazy thrilled with this one.

I pulled quite of bit of stash fabrics as well to go in with the Brambleberry fabrics.  Quite a bit of low volumes and some more greens.

I added a big chunky white border to the quilt and backed it with red polka dots and green solid.

I’m thinking next year I want to make this again, but in pink and red and white.

You can look at many other quilter’s versions of this same quilt here.

If you are interested in me making you a Christmas tree forest quilt, read all the details here.

Thanksgiving / Black Friday / All Weekend / Cyber Monday SALE


This sale is encompassing all the days sale.  A big HUGE from now through Monday sale.

I think it might be my biggest sale ever.  All my ‘ready to ship‘ items are already marked down 20% off.

There is also an entire shop sale.  Just use coupon code ‘ThankYouSale’ and receive 10% off and YES, you can use that coupon code on the already marked down items so….. (I know right?!) Wow!

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Memory quilt S A L E

I am so excited to announce this sale!!

I consider memory quilts to be the single coolest thing in my shop.  What better way to keep your child or loved one’s clothing?  What good is it doing stored in a box in a closet or your attic?

I have had so many of my customers tell me about spending time with their child by going over each square in the quilt and talking about what that outfit was, where they wore it to, how old they were.

What other way can you spend quality time, reminisce the past, clear out some free space in your house, and snuggle up under all at once?  I can’t think of anything else!  :)

Now let’s spend the next few minutes gazing at cuties and their quilts.

Just the sweetest eye candy!

Visit all my memory quilts here.

If you have a picture of your cutie to share, please email me anytime!

I finished my great grandmothers quilt

I’ve been excited about this for a while about this project.

If you remember this was my great grandmother’s quilt top gifted to me by my grandmother.  Read the whole story here.

Her work was just exquisite to me.  All her hand stitches were incredibly well done.  I could tell the great care she took with this quilt.

It was made completely with polyester clothing, so it’s heavy.  Like really heave.  Like I basted on the wall twice cause the first time it fell off while I was half way through the process.  I had to spray baste pretty generously to make this work.

I was torn on the edges of this quilt.  I wanted to preserve them, notice in my first, TOP picture that they are hexagon shaped on the edges.

I debated and debated and eventually I straightened everything up.

I knew this was going to be hard to quilt, polyester is thick and it doesn’t iron well so I had some bulk in my seams.

And last time I had to make bias binding, it was not a work of art.  And this was my great grandmother’s quilt.  I didn’t want anything to be wrong with it, so that was my reasoning for straightening up the edges.

I backed it with my favorite Tanya Whelan print of all time.  Plus, the fabric has a vintage-ish feel to it.  And it has roses on it, which I know my grandmother loves.

I quilted in a meander.  Probably not the very best choice for polyester, but I was kinda stuck on what to do.  It couldn’t have had dense quilting no matter what.  There was just too much bulk, so I did a meander that was very large and spacious.

And this is where it lives now.  Brightening up my living room with it’s bright happiness.

It was made in my great grandparent’s house and after they passed away, it lived in a bag in my grandmother’s closet and now it lives here with me.

A cheerful reminder of loved ones.

I will cherish it like no other quilt I have.

And I am completely smitten and madly in love with it.

If you have a quilt top by one of your family members or maybe you just found a quilt top in a thrift store or flea market and are in need of having it finished, I would be happy to do that for you.  You can read the details of it here.

A yellow and mint orange peel quilt

I feel like I make orange peel quilts on a pretty regular basis.  But this one…

…hurts to part with.

This quilt was a custom order from a very lovely lady who asked for her ‘peels’ to be low volume fabrics and her background to me mint or yellow.

I decided to do both.

Technically, it was because I did not have enough mint 6.5″ squares, BUT as soon as I started sliding the yellow in as well I got all googly eyed.

See all my other orange peel quilts here.

The last several orange peel quilts I’ve made, I have used prints for the backgrounds instead of solids.  I find it makes the quilts SO much more interesting.  Not to mention as vast amount of different fabrics being used in a single quilt.

I am not completely out of mint green fabrics (except for scraps).

This quilt also cut my low volume scrap basket by 2/3s.  I was pretty happy about that since it was toppling over and I had been giving it the stank eye for over a month wondering what I was going to do with those scraps.

I tend to complain mostly when I make this style quilt.  There is a LOT of cutting in preparation, those peels do not cut quickly.  And that’s with me using a rotary cutter and folding my interfaced fabric over, cutting multiple peels at once (I usually cut 6 at once).

Also, it’s a ton of applique work.  SO this time I did it a little differently.

I cut all my squares beforehand.  Then cut about 50 peels, then sat down and appliqued them.  Got up and cut 50 more and then sat down and so on and so on until all 224 of them were done.

This way my feet didn’t hurt too much and neither did my rear from sitting.  Not sure why I’ve only just thought of this, it seems pretty obvious to me now.

But this made the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Also, working with these soft whispery colored fabrics didn’t hurt matters either.

If you might be interested in having me make you a custom orange peel quilt for yourself or someone you love, please have a look at all the details here.

Great grandmother Nora’s quilt

If you follow me on instagram you probably already heard me tell this story, but I’m going to tell it again anyway.

During my grandmother’s birthday party this past September, we decided to spend the day with her going through all her old 2,000+ pictures (her idea).

We chose the ones we wanted for ourselves someday, put them in an album and left them at her house to receive someday in the future.  She couldn’t part with them just yet.

I stumbled upon a picture of my great grandmother (my grandmother’s mother) Nora holding up a flower garden quilt.

I literally gasped when I saw it.  I had to just see this quilt!  I wanted to touch it and gaze at it.  Here is the only lady in  my family who also made quilts!  This has to be where my love for them comes.

I showed Grandma the picture and asked where was this quilt.  She told me she didn’t even remember the quilt and that she had 9 brothers and sisters.  It could be anywhere.  I sighed, put the photo in my album and forgot about it.

Less than a month later she calls me up and tells me to come see her, she had something for me.  I told her I would come the next day and she said, “No, you come on down here today.”

I came on down there.  And she gave me this.

This is THE quilt that my great grandmother Nora is holding up in that faded picture.  This quilt is completely hand stitched by her sweet hands.  It had been folded up in a bag and put in the back of one of my grandma’s closets.

She told me she had went through all her closets searching.  She had about 5 of them total, all unfinished.  She gave me this one.

The picture of her holding is dated August 1973, that would be when the picture was developed.  But if you look behind her in the picture, on the wall, there is a calendar for 1972.  I’ll say that is when the quilt was finished.

I almost cried.  I get to finish my great grandmother’s work.  This means so very much to me.  She died when I was around 5 years old, but I can remember her.  I remember her house and that she was in a wheel chair towards the end of her life.  I remember her patting my arm.

Her flower garden quilt is made entirely of polyester clothing.  It is perfect.  Her stitches are perfect.  There are no tears, no stains, just a perfectly preserved quilt that has been waiting on me.

My plan is to have it completed by Thanksgiving so that I can take it back down to Grandma’s house and show it to her.

I created this label above to go on the quilt corner.  I feel incredibly blessed to not only have this quilt to treasure, but to get to finish it for her.  It feels kind of like working together with her on a quilt, something I would have never got to do otherwise.

Sky quilt

I’m still working on this sky quilt.  A single block every day, or here lately, when I’m out of town or something comes up I take my daily sky picture, log the details about the weather and then make a few blocks a few days later.

It’s been harder than I imagined to keep up doing just a single block a day.  Keeping up the cobalt blue (mostly) stash has also been a bit of chore.

I’ve had several friends swap scraps with me so that I can have more cobalts, but nothing seems to be enough.  This quilt is constantly needing more.

I’ve used almost all scraps to do these blocks.  Thankful to have something to use them for.  They constantly pile up and then I have to find a whole quilt to use them in. It’s a never ending circle.  Though, it does feel nice to use them when I do.

and here they all are together…

I’ve actually got a many more done than this picture shows (I took this a week or so ago).

And if you remember from previous posts, I take a picture of the sky and make my block based on what it looks like for that day.  There have not been too many gray or white days.  It’s almost constantly blue around these parts.

My sewing machine faces all the blocks on the wall so that I am constantly staring at them (which is great for not getting sidetracked on other quilt projects, keeps up the inspiration), and I am always trying to decide my favorite block.  And that is impossible, because the blocks are all so great in their own way.

My plan is to lay the blocks out 10 rows by 10 with 2.5″ sashing and then a border around the whole thing.  Pretty standard stuff.  But it will showcase all the blocks nicely.

It should end up being a square queen size quilt.

I’m excited to be finished.